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A personal website is exactly what it sounds like.
It is a website that belongs to you that you can use as a personal online space to customize and use according to your needs

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Easy to manage

Taking the stress out of having to chase your web agency to make the smallest of changes is our goal. Having the power to manage your own content is vital.

Fully maintained

You wouldn’t buy a car and never service it. So we encourage all website customers to maintain their website on a regular basis, or we can do this for you!

Attention grabbing

The web is a sea of noise and competition, and buyers are impatient. Your website needs to find a way to be unique, grab attention fast and stand out! 

Great structure

Simplicity is key, this includes the structure of your website. Making it easy for users to navigate will boost sales, and also favour the search engines too.

Fully Responsive

Having a website that works on all devices is vitale .

so make sure the website works on mobile tablets and computer 

Creative copy

What you say on your website speaks volumes. You must be able to grab people’s attention and guide them down a path so they result in buying from you!

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8 reasons why you need a personal website

Here are some reasons why you need a personal website :

Social media profiles offer very limited options in terms of customizability and personalization. You can fix that by creating your own personal website. Unlike a social media profile, you don’t have to stick to a template for your personal website. You can create a unique website that matches your taste and requirements. 

With the right personal website builder you can get all the customization you want without touching a single line of code. There is a misconception that unless you have advanced technical knowledge or web development skills, you need to resign yourself to generic and uninteresting templates. As a matter of fact, with the help of a good website builder, creating a custom personal website becomes easier than a breeze. With drag and drop visual editors and fully customizable templates offered by a comprehensive personal website builder like

In normal circumstances, if someone googled you, the results most likely to come up would be your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. While you have control over what you post to these social media platforms, not all of these platforms are the same. Some platforms like Facebook might showcase a more casual side of you that you don’t necessarily want employers to see. You can lock your profile or prevent it from appearing in search engine results but that still leaves us with the question of how you can take control of your search engine results page.

With a personal website, you have a lot more control over what turns up on the search engine results page when someone googles you. This way you can redirect potential employers to a place where they can get exactly the information they want about you, and exactly the information that you want them to see.

Your personal website gives you an easy and engaging way of helping people know you better. Unlike a dry resume, your website gives you a lot more freedom to play around and create something interesting and innovative. You can use a custom colour palette, engaging fonts and innovative web design to create a personal website that can engage people and pique their interest. 

With your personal website you can make sure that people do not simply move on after skimming through your resume or profile, you grab their attention and then retain it.

  1. We live in a very competitive world. You may have an extensive range of qualifications, certifications and experience but that may not be enough to set you apart. If you are looking to create an impression you need to think outside the box. Your personal website gives you the opportunity to do just that. It can provide you with a simple and elegant solution that can help you stand out from the crowd and  display the full range of your creativity, drive and initiative.

    Your website is a blank canvas that you can customize to your liking. With the right tools and some creative thinking, you can create a personal website that doesn’t just tell people who you are but illustrates your skills and talents in a unique and creative way. This way you can show people that you have the capacity to think big and execute every project you undertake with creative flair and innovative thinking. 

Branding is not something that is limited to companies. Creating your personal brand as an individual can be a productive and beneficial venture. Not only will this help you create a distinctive identity for yourself, investing in creating a personal brand can help you boost your profile and market yourself better. Think about how Coca-Cola distinguishes itself from Pepsi. They are both essentially cola companies and sell very similar products. But they are able to create distinct identities and make their products visibly stand out from each other. 

Basically, your personal brand is your answer to why someone should hire you for a job and no one else. Your personal website can be your cockpit from where you can leverage, promote and manage your personal brand. Your website is an empty canvas where you can be anything you want. It can be the face of your personal brand.


Your personal website can also serve more practical purposes. You can use it as a platform to sell products and services and create a secondary source of income for yourself. This can be a great opportunity for you to broaden your horizons and create a lucrative business venture for yourself. 

If you are a professional, you can use your website as a platform to sell your skills and services on a freelance basis. You can also act as an independent consultant using your website as your main center of operations. If you are a graphic designer, for example, you can use your online graphic design portfolio website to offer freelance services or even consultancy services. Alternatively, you can also use your website to sell products from your side venture. 

Blogging is not just a great way of expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts and feelings, it can also be a great self-marketing strategy. Even if you are not intending to start a personal blog website specifically, blogs are a useful and easy addition and can be of great help in incorporating various long tail keywords into your personal website. This can help you attract more organic web traffic through search engines. 

Through your blog you can share your experiences as well as industry expertise with the wider world. You can network and create a name for yourself through your blog, especially if you have valuable industry experience that you have to share. This helps you establish your credibility and knowledge as a professional, especially if you are able to write content that is valuable, educational and most importantly shareable. Blogging can give a significant boost to your professional career and add value to your personal website.

Your personal website gives you an incredible degree of control over your personal brand and identity. Since you have full control over the customization and structure of your website you can use innovative web design, add CTAs, craft a brand identity, all at your discretion. A good personal website builder will also come with built-in marketing, branding and SEO tools that can help you take your personal website to the next level.

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